Losing Weight and Loving Every Minute of it: How a South Florida Doctor Achieved the “Holy Trinity” of Healthy Eating for People On-the-go

Losing Weight and Loving Every Minute of it: How a South Florida Doctor Achieved the “Holy Trinity” of Healthy Eating for People On-the-go

You want to enjoy what you eat. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a tasty snack?  Especially during a stressful day, it’s always so tempting to reach for a yummy pastry to get those nice moments of relief. But, after the fact, there’s a consequence—it wreaks havoc on your body.

Think about it. How do you feel after eating a sugary sweet? Usually a little sluggish, maybe even a little bit sickly. Definitely not energized and powerful, that’s for sure. Plus, there’s that piercing feeling of guilt that rips through you if you have cheated on your diet. 300 calories here, 400 calories there, no big deal… Until the next day, when you’re working out, covered in sweat, muscles screaming, and you haven’t even come close to burning those seemingly innocent sweets off! It never really seems to be worth it in hindsight, but for some reason we keep falling into the same trap again and again.


Well, we have to give the sweets some credit.

It’s hard to match that feeling. You know, the jolt that hits you when you take that first bite of say… a warm cookie with melted fudge on top. Or, the intensity of a masterfully made dark chocolate delight. Or, even the spark of a cleverly crafted macaroon (that just begs to be paired with a nice glass of wine!)

Wouldn’t you want to be able to enjoy those experiences without any of the downside? Wouldn’t it be a superpower to have quick items that pack the same punch as your favorite desserts but were also outrageously nutritious?

Well, that’s why you should be ecstatic to have the brand-new Smart for Life Gourmet Protein Bars!

You see, there are three critical pillars when it comes to eating (the so-called “Holy Trinity”).
1. Ease
2. Nutritional content
3. Flavor

Designed with the three pillars in mind, these Gourmet Protein Bars will tame those sudden, wild urges that destroy your figure. They’ll empower you to enjoy the flavor that you deserve. Plus, your family will thank you for keeping a few boxes of these around!

So, let’s get right into it:

1. Ease

Let’s face it - you’re busy. You’ve got a million things to do. Whether it’s your career, your family, your exercise routine, or even general housekeeping, something is always demanding your time and attention. So, even though cooking is great, it simply isn’t feasible to make several robust meals a day, every day, on top of everything else you’ve got going on.
That’s the allure of quality protein bars. You just can’t beat the convenience. Grab one, take the wrapper off, and bang! You’ve put down a nice portion of your macros for the day without even taking 2 minutes away from what you were doing. That’s why, at Smart for Life, we always keep quickness and ease in mind. After all, there’s nothing *Smart* about having to waste excess time in your day to get your nutrition!

2. Nutrition
A single can of spinach isn’t about to give you super strength like Popeye, but years of eating right will put you on the path to it. You are what you eat. It’s been beaten to death (we’ve all heard it way too many times growing up) but it’s true. Your diet is not only the fuel your body runs on day to day, but what you eat also provides the building blocks that your body sustains itself on. Like really, would you expect Pop Tarts to build the body of a superstar?
You’re a health-minded person, you don’t need a reminder of all the value of nutrition. The question to ask is: “where should my nutrition come from?” With a plethora of options, all of varying costs, time commitments, and so forth, having a properly substantiated diet isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s not always a walk down an isle at Whole Foods either! So, it’s all about striking a balance that’s right for you.

3. Flavor
Every now and then you get a fitness nut who loves to proclaim that you should “eat to survive, not to enjoy”
Like, come on, who are you kidding!?

Yummy food is the best! Of course, it may not all be healthy. But consider why we care so much about health in the first place—It’s because being healthy enables us to live more fulfilling and exciting lives. So, it’s really about focusing on being healthy to live, not on living to be healthy. And can you really say you’ve lived all the way if you miss out on the experience of enjoying some of the most scrumptious food out there?

Flavor matters. It just does. And even if you truly have willpower of steel, it’ll still matter to your family. Your partner. Your kids. They don’t want another sappy food item that’ll make them roll their eyes, only to be begrudgingly consumed when there’s no other option.

Usually, it’s a trade off among these three. You’re either grabbing something that’s quick but isn’t healthy at all, or spending an hour cooking and cleaning up! Short of having a private chef, there is hardly a solution to the problem. It’s a huge inefficiency and presents an unfortunate decision almost everyone has to make: are you sacrificing your time, your health, or your enjoyment?

That’s why Smart for Life’s mission has been to conquer this debacle. To shift the paradigm. To make weight loss as easy and fun as possible. With the advanced technology and knowledge available today, it has been overdue that someone make it a reality.

And, thankfully, someone has.

Dr. Sass Moulavi, Founder of Smart for Life, has leveraged some of the most cutting-edge research and sophisticated formulation techniques available to bring you food that satisfies all three elements of this “Holy Trinity”. You, right now, can experience his latest and greatest breakthrough as Gourmet Protein Bars are now available for online purchase with rapid shipping!

There are seven flavors for you to choose from, and while we wish we could recommend you a “fan favorite,” we can’t because they’ve all received rave reviews!

Choosing between the delicious birthday cake, the mouth-watering double chocolate chip, the spectacular s’mores explosion, or one of the other equally awesome flavors is the hardest part. No need to worry though, we’ve packaged them all into sampler and variety pack options, so you can enjoy them all as your heart desires!

And, as if that’s not enough, here’s the best part: since we are so excited for you to fall in love with this wonderful new product, we’re offering them for 20% off for a very short time!

You want to look and feel good. You also want to enjoy some of the spectacular flavors out there. And, you want to save time so you can focus on what matters to you most.

Now, it no longer has to be a trade off.

You see, the fight against aging and reduced energy doesn’t start once you see wrinkles in the mirror or when you can’t move like you used to. It’s a cumulative journey, the result of years of dietary habits that reflect in your body. The habits catch up quickly, which is why some people start to look older or younger than their age in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, after the compounding effects take hold. It’s definitely not something you want to realize after you can no longer change it. That’s right, you don’t see the results until after it’s too late... like taking a pregnancy test! (Just kidding!)

But you have nothing to worry about. You’re ahead of the game, that’s why you’re here. Many people won’t take the time to educate themselves on the importance of what truly promotes health. You’re doing great things for yourself (and no, Botox and filler aren’t great solutions either - they’re expensive and can’t hold a candle to your all-natural beauty)

Have you ever noticed that some people have a “glow” to them? Their skin, hair, and smile radiate so powerfully that they carry the presence of a celebrity. They show up, and people act like Jennifer Aniston just walked into the room! Why? It’s because they’re looking and feeling their best—inside and out. They have an energy that’s impossible to fake.

Life should be enjoyed, now and for many years to come.

So you can keep your years vibrant.

That’s why we made something that’s so tasty yet so healthy.
Most won’t be able to enjoy this luxury, but you will.

Because you’re Smart for Life!

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