No BS, Just Sass: Do Human Growth Hormone Supplements Work?


Smart for Life is here to break down a common misconception about Human Growth Hormone, because we’re not only dedicated to providing you with delicious and healthy alternatives to some of your favorite foods and snacks, but we’re happy when you’re knowledgeable about some important tips. This has been a topic of conversation amongst our community for a while now, and there are many theories (opposing and supportive) of how to incorporate HGH into your daily life. But what is actually effective? What is reliable, and what is the way you can get human growth hormone without it impeding on your health routine?

Human Growth Hormone is not effective when taken as an oral supplement, despite what you may have been told. This is a fallacy. Why? HGH happens to be a very large molecule that cannot pass through the skin, any mucous membrane, or the digestive system. By the time your body breaks it down, if you do ingest it this way, it’s reduced to nothing but a bunch of amino acids and proves no help to you at all. Going to the doctor to get it through the muscle by injection or by IV is really your only way to get the Human Growth Hormone.

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