What is the Sirt Diet and Why It Could Help You

What is the Sirt Diet and Why It Could Help You

Recently Adele posted a photo showing her amazing 100 pound weight loss transformation. How she achieved this was through the use of a new diet called the Sirt diet. This diet includes a very minimal list of ingredients that lead to the optimization of your body's fat burning mechanisms. The sirt diet focuses on specifically adding food high in sirtuin activators. After consuming foods high in Sirtuin proteins in your body process the sirtuin to attach to acetyl groups by doing what’s called deacetylation. This means they recognize there’s an acetyl group on a molecule then remove the acetyl group, which tees up the molecule for its job. Sirtuin is also known to be a beneficial protein to prevent aging, boost metabolism, increase muscle, and burn fat!

The sirt diet is a great place to start for beginners! This diet is easy to stick to since there isn’t an extreme reduction in your daily caloric intake. Best of all it works for all different pallets including VEGAN! Instead of only allowing protein or completely restricting carbohydrates, the sirt diet includes foods like smoked salmon, dates, kale, strawberries, and dark chocolate. In order to follow the diet properly it is encouraged that the first week you consume a maximum of 1,000 calories a day for seven days. Most likely you will feel common side effects such as tiredness, bloating, and digestive pains. However, this is completely normal with any dietary change. It is actually a really good sign that your body is working old food out and starting to absorb the high vitamin and high sirtuin foods you just added to your diet. For the second week of the diet you will start consuming a maximum of 1,500 calories per day which should reduce any of the previous side effects and make you feel stronger than the previous week. It is strongly recommended to drink three sirt diet shakes each day for the first week and two sirt shakes the second week until you have achieved your goal weight.

To make your life even easier, Smart for Life already has a ton of products to help you lose weight fast! Recently released our NEW SIRT diet shake! The Sirt diet shake includes a large amount of leafy greens, coffee extract, and pumpkin protein to keep you full throughout the day. This super green powder is rich in vitamins and essential minerals to keep you powered throughout the day. Unlike other green drinks, this shake manages to pack all the great nutrients without that overpowering, grassy taste and without any added sweeteners. The Sirt Protein bars can be used as an easy breakfast replacement since they are 10 grams of protein and only 170 calories. Continue with this diet as long as necessary because it may generally take someone 3-4 months to see extreme results. Remember It can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit so stick with it and get your new year goal achieved!

If already dieting or using Smart for Life products for maintenance use this Sirt Shake to replace your veggies and stay on track to reach your goals the Smart way!

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