Can't Lose Weight? These "Healthy Foods" Might be the Reason Why

There exists quite a few foods that despite being packed with nutrition may not be conducive to your weight loss goals. Smart for Life outlines the foods you should shy away from while dieting in our diet guide(which is included in every order), but here's a fresh roundup of

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Skeptics Use Science to Fight Bad Nutrition Advice

Have you ever noticed that in the wonderful world of the internet, there seems to be a "miracle cure" for almost any ailment? You might even find convincing testimonials and videos that strenghten the "science" behind these miracle cures and encourage you to buy for an

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Cooking for the Super Bowl? Try These Recipes

Smart for Life has been proving for years that healthy and tasty can accompany any dish! We’re sure that your hungry football fans will love these delicious spreads, so why not try them this weekend?



• 4 ounces low fat cream cheese, room

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Losing Weight in 2018: Make the Smart Choice

Ah, another year has passed and millions of people start looking towards the future. New Years Resolutions get posted to Facebook, gyms become more crowded and healthy eating gets pushed to the forefront.

While statistics show over 40% of Americans will set new goals for themselves in 2018, the same

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Weighing Too Much Can Cost You Your Life

Not just weighing too much, but size as well can negate emergency transportation via helicopter. Many municipalities have not yet upgraded to the heftier aircraft that can accommodate larger patients. The cost for two new EC-145 helicopters ran up a tab between $8 and $10 million for the Duke University

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Should Teens be Dieting? Dr. Sass Weighs in

One of our frequent patients posed this question so we decided to a little Q&A with Dr. Sass himself! Enjoy her article and transcripted interview with Dr. Sass below.

Ok, as the mother of girls, I struggle with this…the sad truth is that childhood obesity is a

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3 Healthy Salad Recipes That Aren't Boring

Ok ok we get it. Salads are not always exciting. In fact, a frequent dieter will often grow to dread their daily salad.

That's ok. Hitting a roadblock with your diet is normal, but variety is the key to pushing through it. Translated into English from Hindi, these recipes offer

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6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

Every year, the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo gives us a glimpse of what's to come for the new years. While last year was all about plant protein, sprouted foots and healthy fats, 2018 brings new and exciting trends to the forefront.

1. Omega 9's


Chances are you've heard

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