VEGAN Chocolate Chip Cookies 12 Ct

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Only available from this website and Smart for Life Centers


Smart for Life is proud to announce our newest vegan product, the Vegan  Chocolate Chip diet cookie. Featuring one of the most exceptional tastes we've ever created, this new vegan cookie follows all the staples of a premium Smart for Life Cookie:

  • 110 Calories
  • 5 Grams of Protein
  • 2 Grams of Fiber
  • Mostly Organic

You don't have to be following a vegan diet to enjoy the benefits of this cookie. For example, did you know that plant-based protein provides the following benefits?

  • Naturally occurring amino acids
  • Beneficial for weight loss - lower in calories and fat than animal-based proteins
  • Both soluble and insoluble fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied!
  • Metabolism Booster

Our new vegan cookie represents the newest wave of Smart for Life products, focusing on premium ingredients and smarter nutrition profiles that provide you with even more bang for your buck! Our new cookie fits seamlessly into the Smart for Life Diet. 

Try our Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie today, you won't regret it!

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