6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

Every year, the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo gives us a glimpse of what's to come for the new years. While last year was all about plant protein, sprouted foots and healthy fats, 2018 brings new and exciting trends to the forefront.

1. Omega 9's

6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

Chances are you've heard the benefits of Fish Oil which contains Omega 3's, but what about Omega 9's? Omega 9 is a monounsaturated fat and is well liked for it's potential to regulate blood sugar levels and promote a healthy weight.

Some foods naturally high in Omega 9's include sunflowers, hazelnut, olive oil, canola oil and almond butter.

2. Plant-based Probiotics

6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

Probiotics is not necessarily a new trend but seems to be tickign upwards lately. With this bacterias ability to strengthen the immune and digestive system and more Americans suffering from digestive issues than ever before, we think this trend will continue to increase in popularity for years to come.

There are numerous probiotic formulas available, including our Doctor's office supplement product Straight Medical.

3. Cottage Cheese

6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

Currently cottage cheese has been seen largely as a food for dieters, with many struggling to endure its sometimes...lumpy texture. However as our culture becomes more interested in packing protein in their diet, more companies are re-engineering cottage cheese to have better taste and better texture.

4. Chicory Root Fiber

6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

We talked about probiotics on number 2, but what about PREbiotics? Introducing good baceteria into your digestive tract is great, but you need the right fuel to help those probiotics thrive. That's where prebiotics like Chicory root fiber step in to ensure you get the most out of your probiotic.

Chicory root fiber is starting to be implemented into nutrition bars, yogurts, smoothies and even oatmeals. Expect to see it listed in the ingredient list in many more products in 2018.

5. Addressing Mental Health with Diet

6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

We previously talked last week about the importance of mental health in your overall well-being. Without sound mental health, can you really feel 100% healthy and happy? Probably not.

Recently, Alzheimer's disease started to be referred to as "Type 3 Diabetes" or "brain diabetes", due to it's similarity that both conditions involve deficiency and insulin resistance. Eating for brain health hasn't been a popular topic as of late, but it's poised to grow in 2018.

Green leafy vegetables, nuts and berries are all great choices for brain food. Eat them often!

6. Psuedo what? Psuedograins Become Convenient

6 Nutrition Trends You Might See in 2018

If you're having difficulty implementing whole grains into your diet, you're not alone. Psuedograins, or seeds that are served in grains, are now being offered to address this common problem.

Buckwheat and quinoa are starting to be offered in convenient, single-serve portions that take less than 5 minutes to prepare and only require hot water.

Notice any trends you think will take off in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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