Losing Weight in 2018: Make the Smart Choice

Losing Weight in 2018: Make the Smart Choice

Ah, another year has passed and millions of people start looking towards the future. New Years Resolutions get posted to Facebook, gyms become more crowded and healthy eating gets pushed to the forefront.

While statistics show over 40% of Americans will set new goals for themselves in 2018, the same stats show that a measly 8% will actually achieve their goals.

**Why is that? **

Well, for some it's because either their goals are too general, like "I'd like to lose SOME weight this year" or their goals are too lofty, like "I'd like to lose 200 POUNDS this year"! When setting your goal, remember to keep it simple but to also keep it realistic. It's always great to shoot for the moon but if you shoot too high, you might not reach your goal and see it as a failure when in reality you succeeded!

Smart for Life has been helping customers achieve their weight loss goals for over 15 years. Whether you're visiting one of our excellent weight loss clinics or buying our weight loss kits online, we publish honest & tested statistics on weight loss expectations.

For example, our 1 week kit can help you achieve up to 5 pounds in weight loss. 2 Weeks is 10, 3 week 15, and 5 week up to 20 pounds. Have we had some customers far exceed those numbers? Of course! Have we had some customers lose weight at a slower pace than our average? Of course.

Each body is different and each persons eating habits are different. The difficulty of changing those habits looks much different for every person and you know what, that is 100% ok.

Losing Weight in 2018: Make the Smart Choice

Pursue your goals at the pace that you require, but challenge yourselves at the same time. Don't sacrifice your sanity, your self-esteem or your wallet for a New Year's resolution - make a committment to long-lasting change that will serve you long after 2018 is over. After you've lost the weight, maintenance becomes extremely important. Weight loss sucess should be defined by the ability to keep off lost weight for at least a year. Plan to continue to stock lean proteins, veggies and other healthy food staples that go outside of your strict diet.

If weight loss is your goal, we're offering our proven 5 week weight loss program for only $199, over $10 cheaper than it's retail price. Use the discount code "2018" and save yourself money over other weight loss programs available.

Losing Weight in 2018: Make the Smart Choice

My New Year's Resolution is to learn some Spanish this year. I've only known one language my whole life so I know this is going to be difficult. I don't expect to be fluent by the end of 2018, but if by the end of the year I can hold a conversation with my friends very Colombian grandmother, I'll consider that a resounding success.

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