Why am I Not Losing Weight?

Why am I Not Losing Weight?

Have you ever had that friend who makes weight loss seem so easy? It may seem like it's all just happening without much effort, but the truth behind their success is probably more complicated. Below you'll find both behavioral and sometimes medical reasons why you might not be losing weight.

Your Body is Resistant to Insulin

According to the CDC, approximately 30% of adults and nearly 70% of overweight adults have metabolic syndrome, a constellation of abnormalities strongly associated with insulin resistance and excess insulin production. The metabolism of a person with insulin resistance or insulin excess will actually promote fat storage, rather than fat loss. Consult your doctor if you think insulin might be an issue for you.

Your Medication is Working Against You

Although many doctors have a wide variety of medical knowledge, some simply never received training in obesity medicine or nutrition. According to Dr. Caroline Apovian, president of the Obesity Society, frequently prescribed medications that may cause weight gain include Benadryl, Ambien, benzodiazepines, older antidepressant and antipsychotic medications, Paxil, beta-blockers (for high blood pressure), several diabetes medications including insulin, sulfonylureas and thialidazones, and some contraceptive methods, especially Depo-Provera.

If you happen to be taking any of the medications above, consult your doctor to see if there is an alternative available.

You're Forgetting Calories

The Smart for Life program takes care of the calorie counting for you, but this is often one of the first mistakes made when trying to lose weight. Most people just simply don't realize how many calories they are intaking every day.There are now apps and food journals available to help you keep track of your calories better.

If counting sounds like something you won't be able to manage(we can't stand it either), check out our Smart for Life products. Each one of our products is carefully balanced with ther right amount of calories, protein and fiber to make sure you can get through your day feeling full and losing weight.

Your Weekend "Cheats" Are Hurting Your Diet

This can be one of the hardest pitfalls to avoid. Many diets will recommend taking a cheat day so you can enjoy some of the foods that you've been longing for while you're on a diet. However, according to a study with the National Weight Control Registry, the most successful dieters maintain their eating plan for 7 days a week.

The important thing is to cheat small, not big. Want a glass of wine on your cheat day? Fine, but don't combine it with an entree that isn't good for you or a dessert. Choose (1) item for your cheat day and nothing more!

You Eat Too Much of a Good Thing

We recently launched an eBook titled 6 "Healthy Foods" That Can Ruin Weight Loss available for free download. Because of that I won't go into too much detail in this article, but I encourage you to download it. There are many "healthy foods" that may be hurting your weight loss simply because you're not consuming them in moderation.

There you have it! You're one step closer to being successful in your weight loss journey.

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