Happy World Diabetes Day. Break up with sugar!

World Diabetes Day: Break up with Sugar

There’s no denying we all love to enjoy something sweet from time to time, but the unfortunate truth is, consuming too much sugar can be detrimental to your health. 

Incorporating large quantities of sugar into your everyday diet can lead to a series of health complications such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Limiting your sugar intake can be challenging, especially in today's day and age where sugar is found even where you’d least expect it. 

The sugar content in drinks such as soda, juice and even milk are often overlooked. Many grab and go without noticing they’re consuming up to 40g of sugar in a singular can of soda. Gravitating towards natural sugars such as the Smart for Life Allulose Sweetener is your safest bet to add that sweet taste you're looking for without compromising your health.

Many brands attempt to fool the wandering eyes at the grocery store by slapping “Low Carb” or “Sugar Free” on their box in hopes to reel people in to purchase without question. 

It’s perfectly understandable why some have a difficult time trusting their choice when searching for an item they believe falls under the category of “Low Sugar”. Brands have become masterminds at tricking the average person into buying a product that can actually contain hidden sugars such as dextrose and maltose. The good news is, there are still some brands and products out there that remain true to their word. 

Smart For Life low sugar protein bars and protein cookies sit at the top of the list! With each bar and cookie containing only 4-7 grams of sugar, you can take each bite with confidence. With flavors ranging from Luscious Lemon to S’mores, there's something for every taste bud!

By simply subbing your usual sweet treat with one of our low sugar bars or protein cookies you may have already cut more than half of your usual daily intake while still satisfying your craving. 

Not only can you stay at or below your recommended sugar intake, but you also reap the added benefits of protein and fiber.  

Overall, reducing the amount of sugar your body typically receives can provide loads of positive lifestyle changes. It may increase energy, reduce cravings and decrease chances of developing a more serious health condition.

So this National Diabetes Day let's break up with sugar and replace it with low sugar options that keep us satisfied wherever we go! Next time those cravings hit, grab your Smart for Life so you can LIVE SMART and EAT SMART!

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