About Smart for Life

A Brief History

Well-known for its popularity from clients across the U.S. and Canada, the Smart for Life™ is more than your standard nutrition company. It is committed to helping its clients lose weight, gain health and positively impact the environment along the way. Over the past 10 years, Smart For Life™ has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose hundreds of thousands of pounds – improving their health, appearance and happiness.

Founded by Dr. Sasson Moulavi, MD, a bariatric physician, Smart for Life™ is based on his realizations of how food affects our health and uses the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) Guidelines. The ASBP is a 50-year old organization teaching physicians the fundamentals of weight loss.

“The concept was developed while I worked as an emergency room doctor and saw the rise in heart attacks in 30 and 40 year old patients. With this experience, I knew what had to be done,” explains Dr. Sass. “Many other diet doctors and food scientists have helped to shape what Smart for Life™ has become. I believe we have created a revolutionary way for people to eat.”

Smart for Life™ is a comprehensive weight management approach to health and wellness which utilizes natural, hunger-controlling diet foods to deliver visible results. Started by Dr. Sass on the principle of improving people’s lives by providing a quick, safe, easy and affordable means of weight control.

Our Product Philosophy

Smart For Life™ recognizes that food should be free of chemicals such as pesticides and preservatives, and produces its food with triple-filtered water and pesticide-free Organic food ingredients.

In order to truly compete with the wide variety of unhealthy fast food and quick preparation meals available to the public, Smart for Life™ realizes its diet food must be tastier, healthier and just as easy to make while keeping the cost the same. Smart For Life™ is able to achieve this by instructing their clients to eat their all natural Smart Food 6 times a day on the diet and weight loss program at an affordable cost of under $10 a day, which replaces the cost of one’s breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Smart for Life™ weight loss products include natural ingredients such as flax seed & fish oil, that have proven health benefits including reducing cholesterol, increase bone health, improving intestinal health and maintaining cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels that are already in the normal range. While you lose weight by eating the variety of Smart Foods from Smart Cookies to Smart Soups, Protein Bars, Shakes and more, clients will also gain health along the way.

An Expert Team

Run by a very innovative team of Certified Diet Doctors, Bakers and Food Scientists, the company always welcomes valuable input from its clients. Its entrepreneurial spirit pushes the Smart for Life™ Team to think outside the box to create delicious, health-filled foods people can eat on the revolutionary Smart For Life™ weight loss program while doing its part to protect Mother Earth.

Smart for Life™ is poised to become a household name and is focused on bringing its successful diet program and diet products to more and more people in the coming years around the globe.