What is Smart for Life? Is it just another fad diet?

Smart for Life is a nutritionally balanced, healthy weight loss program. It uses portion-controlled foods that are hunger-suppressing meals in the form of cookies, muffins, shakes, soups and much more. Smart for Life was founded by Sasson Moulavi, M.D., who has concentrated on (weight loss) medicine for over 12 years, and is committed to bringing effective, delicious food options at an affordable value.What makes Smart for Life unique is that we use mostly organic ingredients that are free of preservatives, pesticides and toxins. Smart for Life is also a lifestyle change. The unique meals train you to eat multiple, small meals throughout the day. Many clients use our products as a form of maintenance, a convenient replacement for fast food, and a helpful tool for keeping weight off.

How does Smart For Life work?

The success is in our food and program design. Our Smart Foods(cookies, shakes, muffins and more) are designed to suppress your appetite with a unique blend of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, fiber and natural sugars. Dr. Sass explains: "If you were to eat a typical lunch of a burger and soft drink, your caloric intake would equal about 800 – way too much and mostly from fat. But if you eat a Smart Cookie for lunch, not only will you eat about 100 calories, but you will also receive all of the nutrients and nowhere near the amount of fat. You will feel full longer – as if you ate more food to satisfy you. Your body will then become “Smart” by releasing 200 or so calories from your fat stores." Now that is how you lose weight.

What is the average weight loss per week?

We once had an extremely overweight patient who lost 37 pounds the first week. We also have others who lost only 1 pound. But that is not how you should look at it. Weight loss is much better evaluated 4 weeks at a time. You should lose about 15 pounds (this estimate is more appropriate for men) on the program every 28 days. Of course, as you get closer to your weight goal, the amount of weight you lose will decrease.

What will prevent me from cheating on the Smart for Life program?

We make it easy – you do not have any decisions to make during your day. Just take your next preservative-free, toxin-free, mostly organic meal out of a package when you are hungry. Dr. Sass Explains: Many dieters fail because they have to "count this" or "buy that" or are discouraged the long preparation time required for diet foods. When I was overweight, it was a chore to “diet”. That is why I created Smart for Life without these pitfalls. What’s more, you will not crave anything. All of our products are balanced meals. Our famous cookies are made with egg and milk protein as well as fiber, oats, bran, and the right plant- and fruit-based carbohydrates. We also add functional ingredients that make them even healthier.

Will I feel hungry?

If you follow the program as directed you will not feel hungry. Our products are very effective for appetite suppression. If you talk to our clients, they will tell you hunger is not an issue.

You really should put your mind to it and lose your extra weight. Just do it – it works!

What happens if I skip a cookie?

You should eat the cookies when hungry. Do not wait until you are famished – then it is too late. As soon as you remember, eat your cookie and drink your water.

What is the cost of the Smart for Life program?

Depending on how you follow the program, the cost can be lower or higher but averages to less than $10 a day. That replaces your breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Most people spend more than that just on lunch and snacks. So, we feel it is safe to say that the program is relatively free. You have to eat!

Is there a support system in place for me?

Yes. Our program is designed to give you maximum support and motivation. Our staff and doctors are always there to ensure your success. We have an excellent web and telephone support team dedicated to our Lifestyle Program clients. Our Center clients have excellent support anytime they need it with our expert doctors and trained nurses. Interact with other Smart for Life clients and our friendly, knowledgeable team in a support group meeting.

How many calories on the Smart for Life program?

Our Medical Program is to be done only under physician supervision with 800 calories. Our Lifestyle Program may be done on your own with about 1200 calories.

Are any evening snacks allowed on the program?

Yes. You may have the following snacks, but after dinner only. During the day we prefer you stick to the cookies or equivalent for maximum hunger control and weight loss success.

  • You may have as much celery as you like. (Satisfies the crunchy salt craving)
  • One cup of sugar-free gelatin (Satisfies sweet craving)
  • One dill pickle (Satisfies sour, salty craving)

When should I start the Smart for Life program?

The first week is critical to your weight loss success. Choose a week that you are totally focused on your health and weight loss. Call us if you have questions at 1-877-701-7277. We highly recommend you call our telephone support team to go over the program when you receive your order.

How easy is the Smart for Life program?

If you speak to our staff, they will tell you that all day long they hear comments like: “This is the easiest program I ever did. And it works!” Keep in mind that almost all of your food is prepared; there’s no counting or preparing. The dinner meals are simple. The program is designed to fit into any lifestyle, whether you are a traveling executive or a mother with 4 kids and 2 jobs! You will find this program makes your life easier. We guarantee it!

What are these functional ingredients and how do they contribute to good health?

Functional ingredients are ingredients that are deemed to be good for your health. We add some or all of the following ingredients to our products.

SMART COOKIE: The cookie has been reformulated to include a cutting edge, “Heart Healthy” organic flax meal/fish oil blend. Three cookies provide a full serving of Omega 3’s ALA, EPA and DHA. Not only are our cookies appetite-suppressing, but they support cardiovascular health and assist in lowering cholesterol. Each cookie also provides vital antioxidants through the fruit ingredient, especially organic blueberries, and also in the 50% cocoa content of our organic chocolate chips.

SMART MUFFINS: Our muffins are formulated with the same organic flax meal/fish oil blend as our cookies, except each muffin contains a full serving of Omega 3’s; three times the amount of a cookie! The Orange-Cranberry Muffins also contain a prebiotic fiber called Inulin. This enriched inulin supports digestive health by supporting the microflora and bifido bacteria in the gut. This encourages the growth of healthy bacteria, improving immune health by crowding out and eliminating much of the harmful bacteria that may cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other health problems. This increase in beneficial bacteria also increases your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, especially potassium and calcium. The enriched chicory Inulin in the muffins has been scientifically proven to increase bone mass by assisting the body in depositing calcium directly into the bones, allowing older women to naturally combat osteoporosis. The muffins are a pleasure to eat; we recommend no more than 2 a day, replacing a cookie for each muffin eaten. Improvement in digestive health is usually noticed in less than three weeks. All this, and appetite-suppressing too!

Why does Smart for Life use Organic ingredients?

Organic foods reduce the risk of exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues, which can be very detrimental to your health. Increased exposure can be carcinogenic. Organics are of higher quality than conventionally grown foods in respect to health and taste. Eating organically grown foods promotes a healthier lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Tests have shown that people who eat organics have lower levels of the carcinogenic DDE. Organics offer more nutrients than conventionally grown foods, such as:

  • Vitamin C: Promotes a healthier immune system
  • Chromium: Prevents onset of adult diabetes
  • Selenium: Antioxidant that is protective against cancers and heart disease
  • Calcium: Promotes strong bones
  • Boron: Helps to prevent osteoporosis
  • Magnesium: Reduces the risk of heart attacks as well as prevents muscle spasms
  • Salicylic Acid: Prevents hardening of the arteries and prevents bowel cancer

Can I use Smart for Life products interchangeably?


One muffin = One cookie

One shake = Two cookies

One Soup with noodles = Two cookies

One Soup without noodles = One cookie

One Pudding = One Cookie

One Hot Chocolate = One Cookie

One Oatmeal or Cereal = 2 Cookies

One Cupcake = 1 Cookie

Are Smart for Life products Kosher?

Most of our products are Certified K-Dairy.

Food K-Dairy

Can Smart for Life products be used after the “Best Before Date”?

Smart for Life uses no preservatives. Our unique oxygen-free packaging helps preserve it longer, but do not use products past their “Best Before Date”.

Is the Smart for Life program safe?

The Smart for Life program has been used by thousands of people to lose millions of pounds – that speaks for itself. The program is recommended and used by many doctors because it is safe and healthy. The quality and safety of our products is second to none.

Are there stimulants or drugs in Smart for Life products?

Our products are natural and mostly organic. There aren't any stimulants or drugs in any of our foods. Smart Foods control your hunger naturally and, in our opinion, that is the best way.

Why don’t you allow red meat on the program?

Animal fat is full of saturated fat that is bad for you. Usually steaks are made with additional fat also. Many studies have linked eating red meat regularly with certain cancers including colon cancer. There are even some doctors who think red meat may increase the aging process.

Do the Smart for Life products contain MSG?

No, Smart for Life Cookie Diet products do not contain MSG.

Is Smart for Life food low on the Glycemic Index?

Yes, not only is it low on the Glycemic Index, but it also has a low Glycemic Load which is even more important to watch for than the index.

How long can I stay on the Smart for Life program?

Stay on the program as long as you need in order to reach your goal. Because the program is balanced, your nutritional needs will be well-provided for. Clients who need to lose 10 pounds will only need 3 to 4 weeks, while people who need to lose more may go up to 2 years. It is very important to check with your doctor as you lose weight, especially if you take medication. Good news may be in store as your weight changes, your medication needs usually decrease.

How does the Smart for Life program help me control my new weight long-term?

The products will teach you to eat small, multiple meals throughout the day that will go a long way in stabilizing your weight. You will also need to exercise moderately for at least 3 hours per week. Many clients continue to eat 1-3 cookies or their equivalent every day instead of breakfast or lunch, and they seem to be very successful at maintaining their weight. Dr. Sass eats 3 cookies a day during the week and relaxes his routine on the weekends. He has maintained his 40 pound weight loss for 8 years.

What about vacation?

Our belief is that once you start the program, you should stick to it even when you go on vacation. Enjoy your friends and family, sightseeing, etc., but remember that food is nourishment not entertainment. Too many people eat for entertainment.

Is Smart for Life covered by insurance?

This depends on your insurance company and the type of program you choose.

What are your shipping policies?

Orders are usually processed within 48 hours. Allow 5 to 7 days for products to arrive. Products are shipped in Sustained Forestry Initiative certified, earth-friendly boxes only.