Gourmet Toasted Almond Caramel Protein Bars 12 Count

Save 23%

Ready for guilt-free indulgence? Smart for Life’s famous Caramel Protein treats are now available in a high-quality protein bar featuring almond pieces. This is the perfect sweet and salty combination, delivering the excellence and satisfaction you’ve come to expect from Smart for Life. Our test group freakout for these bars!

Our Toasted Almond Caramel Protein bars are chef & doctor-designed and topped with toasted almond pieces and an enticing chocolate drizzle. With only 6 grams of added sugar from natural sources like allulose and honey, you won’t have to second guess the quality of this Smart for Life Protein Bar. Its unique crispy texture combined with smooth caramel and the delicious saltiness of the toasted almonds make for an undeniably reliable, healthy snack!

Spoil yourself with this treat; we are offering a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. These Smart for Life protein bars are available for purchase individually.